You must have noticed that after you work out your muscles hurt for a couple of days no matter how fit you are. There is nothing to be worried about it as it is very normal. This indicates that your fitness is improving. 

Delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS)
This condition is referred to as the slow increase in the discomfort level that takes place within 24 to 48 hours after a workout. DOMS stresses the muscle tissue beyond what it is used to. In such conditions, the muscle performs a lengthening contraction. Why the muscles feel sore after a workout

Why do my muscles hurt after a workout?
DOMS usually happens when you start a new exercise program or change your regular exercise routine. It can also take place when the duration or intensity of the workout increases. During this state, microscopic tears occur in muscles which results in muscles soreness. Many people have a misconception that DOMs are due to the buildup of lactic acid.

Who gets affected by DOMS?
This can happen to anyone even people who have been exercising for a long time. However, it is severe in the case of those who are new to exercise. Many people feel frustrated because of this and quit exercising. But this soreness will slowly be decreased as your muscles get used to the activity. So, you need to be patient and carry on exercising. Your muscles get adapted to the new condition that leads to more strength and stamina. 

DOMS can last for 3 to 5 days and the pain can be mild to severe. DOMS usually occurs a couple of days after the exercise. DOMS is not the same as muscle strains or sprains. 

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How to treat DOMS
There is no such treatment for DOMS. But you can ease the condition by taking a rest, applying ice packs, massaging, or having painkillers. 

You don’t’ have to stop exercising if you have DOMS. Though you may feel a bit uncomfortable, it’s still ok. The soreness will go away soon. If you feel pain, rest for some time and then start exercising again. There will be less soreness as you continue doing the same exercise at the same intensity. 

So, next time your muscles hurt after a workout, don’t worry. Even the bodybuilders get them. It’s only natural and it will go away soon. Don’t let this muscle soreness stop you from exercising.