The squat is one of the best exercises for lifting and getting into shape. It works on your lower body and helps to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. However, many people do it in the wrong way and it can hurt the body. Here are some exercises to improve your squats. 

Front Rack Lunges 
This exercise is good for developing the front squat because it is a unilateral movement that can strengthen the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and rotators in the legs. This position is very comfortable. You will be maintaining a vertical torso and this position will help you to do a front squat. To do this exercise you need to put the barbell in the front rack position and step forward. Then lower the back knee to the ground and make sure you have a vertical torso. Use your front heel as a support to stand. Then repeat it.

Bulgarian Split Squat
This provides similar benefits to the front rack lunges. For this, you need to place the barbell in the front rack position. Put one foot on a bench placed just behind you. Make sure that the bench is not more than three feet off the ground. Keep your front foot on the ground and raise your chest. Then get low so that the back knee touches the ground. Get up through your front heel and get back to the original position. 

Wide-Grip Pull-Ups
To raise the barbell you need to have leg strength. But you also need the lat and core strength so that you can keep your torso vertical to keep the bar stable. The wide-grip pull-ups can help you build strength and stability in the lat and core area. For this, you need to move your hands out wide. This emphasizes your lats and the back muscles. This helps to lift more portion of your body weight. To lift you use your elbows and shoulders. 

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Hands-Free Front Squats
This exercise helps people to keep their torsos vertical and shoulders raised during the front squat. This gives the proper positioning of the body for lifting weight. You must have a barbell on the squat rack. Then get into the rack and extend your arms with palms facing one another. Keep the arms elevated and step away from the rack. Then do the regular front squat. 

Wrist Mobility Work
When lifting weight a lot of pressure is put on the wrists. This can cause a lot of pain. If not taken care of it can lead to poor wrist mobility and you won’t be able to get to the front squat position. You need to do this exercise to keep your wrists strong. Just wrap your fingers together and move the wrists in all directions. Hold on to any position for a few seconds and repeat it. 

These exercises will improve your squat and you will be able to lift weight better. Your muscles will be stronger and you will be in a better position to lift weights.