Crunches, sit-ups, and planks are quite effective. exercises. However, if you are looking for a total body exercise then you should try toes-to-bar. It is a full-body movement that works on your core, hip flexors, and lats. It requires a lot of strength and flexibility for this movement. Here are some ways to get better at it. 

Hollow holds
To do toes-to-bar your core strength and flexibility must work together. For hollow holds, you should lower your feet and hand while keeping the lower back on the ground. Then you should flip over and work the flexed position by keeping your hands and feet off the ground. Your spine must be in a neutral position. 

Bar hangs
If you have weak grip strength then you won’t be good at toe-at-bar. So, you need to improve your grip. With bar hangs you can strengthen your hands for long stretches. While you do it your shoulders must be active. You must draw the shoulder blades down and back while still holding. 
 Strengthening hip flexor
In toes-to-bar your hip flexors need to work a lot. You need to strengthen it by doing flutter kicks, lunges, and bridge hold. You should stretch them out by doing hip opener stretches. These include butterfly, pigeon, and other positions.

Keep knees-to-chest
You can work out similar muscles with the knees-to-chest exercise just like the toes-to-bar ones. So, it can be a good practice. For this, you should draw your knees close to the chest while ensuring that the knees are at a higher level than a hip crease. Then bring your knees down and then back again.

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Once you can perform the knees-to-chest properly, you can try knees-to-elbow. You need to use the arm and back movement to get your legs higher. 

Compress and lean back
When you hang from the bar, you should lean back and rotate backward. When you come to the hollow hold position you can compress your body by pulling the ribs to the belly button. You will be using your full potential to reach your toes to the bar with this movement.

It is a great way to make your shoulder flexible for kip swing. It will bring your toes to a higher level between the hands. You should try to bring the chest through to the backswing while pushing on the bar to bring your toes up.

These are some exercises you can perform to get better at toes-to-bar. These exercises will strengthen your body and make it more flexible.