Whether it’s an office, school, or gym, you need to maintain certain etiquette. There are rules that you need to adhere to; otherwise, it is considered to be inappropriate. This is no exception for Crossfit gym. Here are some etiquette rules you should follow in the CrossFit box.

Clean up your space
In a day multiple CrossFit sessions occur. In between the sessions, there is not much time for thorough cleanups. After you are done with your class or practice you must clean up your own space so that others can do their practice. That is, you must put the plates and barbell back in place and not on the floor. 

Handle carefully
When putting back the equipment in place make sure that you handle them carefully so that there is no scratch or damage in it. The equipment is expensive and must be handled with care. 

Clean the equipment
It is natural to sweat during your practice and the sweat will be on the equipment. You don’t expect the next person to practice find sweaty equipment. This is unhygienic; so wipe off the sweat from the equipment and make sure it is clean after your practice. 

Don’t take other’s equipment
Make sure you arrange all the equipment you need before practice. WOD, especially, requires a lot of equipment, so set them up first. Don’t grab other’s equipment in the middle of the practice. This will prevent others from practicing. 

Be punctual
Crossfit classes take place in a box and people pay for that space. So, you need to value time. You should be on time for your classes all the time. 

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Sign up
You should sign up for the classes beforehand. You cannot just show up without notice. The CrossFit classes are usually full and the coach needs to know beforehand that you are coming. 

Listen to the coach
You must listen to the coach’s instructions. Don’t get distracted doing unnecessary things in the class like using your mobile. This is considered to be inappropriate. 

Don’t talk to others
You should only focus on your practice. Don’t talk to others in the middle of the practice. Do so after you are done and outside the CrossFit box. 

Give back borrowed gears
If you borrow any gear from others, make sure that you give them back once you are done. Don’t take them home; it’s not the proper etiquette.

Greet each other
You should greet the other athletes when you come to practice in the box. You can make new friends by knowing each other. 

If you maintain these etiquettes in the CrossFit box, you will learn CrossFit the right way. Crossfit teaches you discipline which will help you later in life.