Recently, collagen protein has gained popularity as a supplement. This protein is found in abundance inside our body; in fact, it makes up one-third of the protein in the body. This protein is needed for skin elasticity, healthy joints, and stretchiness. You will notice that many shampoos and lotions have collagen protein as it can improve skin and hair quality. Collagen protein is also found in the blood, bones, and muscles.

Though we have plenty of collagen protein in our body, with age the collagen starts to break down and it becomes difficult for our body to produce more collagen. So, people have to rely on collagen supplements. They are found in the form of powder, liquid, or capsules. It can produce naturally when it combines with amino acids. So, your body needs proteins found in dairy and egg white, vitamin C found in citrus fruits, zinc found in beef and beans, and other minerals. 

Benefits of collagen
Collagen improves your skin; it makes it more elastic, makes it more elastic and strong. With age, the body produces less collagen which leads to wrinkles. Supplements containing collagen can slow down your skin’s aging process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It will make your skin more hydrated as well. Collagen protein can treat acne and other skin conditions too. 

Collagen protein can help to relieve joint pain. So, with age as the production of collagen decreases, the chance of developing degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis increases. So, collagen supplements can reduce these joint conditions.

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As bones are mostly made of collagen, less production of collagen can lead to bone loss. So, taking supplements can help. Collagen protein can help to boost muscle mass and keep the muscles strong and in good condition. Collagen protein is also good for your gut health, brain health, weight loss, hair, and nails. Overall, it promotes good health and reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. 

Collagen side effects
There are no major side effects in taking collagen supplements. These supplements are made from common food allergens like fish, eggs, and shellfish. If you have allergies then you must avoid collagen supplements made out of these ingredients. Some people find a bad taste in their mouth after taking the supplement. Some people have experienced heartburn after taking the supplement.

As you age, the collagen protein production decreases and it affects your skin, joint bone, and other parts of the body. So, taking collagen protein supplements can help in easing many health conditions. As there is no major side effect associated with it, you can take these supplements.