CrossFit requires a lot of patience and dedication. There may be times when you feel that you have done everything right, like going to the gym regularly, trying to beat your weaknesses, and more, but still, you are just stuck. Nothing seems to work to improve your performance. You should know that it happens to a lot of people and here are the things that keep you from getting better at CrossFit. 

Mobility Issues
One of the reasons is that you probably have mobility issues. If certain parts of your body are inflexible then you will have these problems. You need to solve those problems immediately. For example, notice whether your heels come off the ground during squatting. This is a sign of an ankle issue. You should do ankle mobility exercises to solve this problem. Poor hip mobility can prevent various movements like gymnastic toes-to-bar. You need to strengthen your hip flexors. If you have a problem with overhead lifts then it’s a problem with your shoulder mobility. Do shoulder mobility exercises to improve the condition. 

Poor Body Awareness
You should be aware of your body, especially when performing complex movements like handstand push-ups. You should work on kinesthetic awareness; that is realize where your body parts are at a particular time. You can do yoga for this. Focus on your body when doing complex movements. 

Bad Mental Grit
CrossFit is a very difficult exercise and you need the willpower and mental strength to do it. You will be going through a tough situation and will have to perform complicated movements. For that, you need good mental grit. When you go to your class every day have a plan and a positive mindset. You should have short-term and long-term goals that you want to achieve. 

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Low raw strength
If you have poor raw strength then you will find it difficult to lock the top of the muscle cap, for example. You will start to fail reps and it can be very frustrating. You should go to the class every day and get to the basics. Do bench press, push-ups, front squats, pull-ups, and other basic movements. This will help you to do better at CrossFit. 

The way you learn
Everyone’s learning capability is different; there is no right or wrong way to learn. However, you should know what way you learn effectively; that is, whether you are a visual learner or you learn better when you feel something. Use the learning technique that is best for you. 

All these can make you better at CrossFit. You need to be consistent with your practice and have the dedication to do better at CrossFit.