We all know that smoking can have a severe effect on your health. But did you know that it can affect your CrossFit performance as well? Here are some repercussions of smoking that you should know about.

Impacts fitness
Studies have shown that smoking can affect an athlete’s fitness. As it damages the heart and lungs, it can affect the athlete’s cardiovascular fitness. For your heart and lungs to work properly these organs need to be rich in oxygen. But when you inhale tobacco smoke, the carbon monoxide sticks to the red blood cells and displaces the oxygen. So, the important organs of the body don’t receive much oxygen. This can cause muscle fatigue and you can experience serious muscle soreness.

Smoking can increase the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. This increases blood pressure and cholesterol level. It can lead to weight gain, lower bone density, and immune function. Smoking can reduce muscle strength and flexibility, thus affecting your CrossFit performance. 

Risk of respiratory illness
Cigarette smoke has a lot of tar in it that deposits in the lungs and affects the airways. So, sufficient blood cannot absorb into the bloodstream. Due to smoking mucus is produced in the lungs which damages cilia, which cleans toxins in the airways. So, as mucus sits in the lungs, it can develop infections. Smokers often suffer from chronic bronchitis. People will this condition finds it difficult to breathe. So, if you do CrossFit and you have this kind of health condition then you will find it difficult to exercise. 

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CrossFit exercise can help people quit smoking as they are a wake-up call to the smokers. When warming up and doing other CrossFit exercises you will notice that you are struggling to even do the warm-up. You will experience coughing and will take a long time to recover from the workout. CrossFit can protect you from nicotine addiction. Those who are into CrossFit become more health-conscious. CrossFit is also like an addiction; once you start you can’t let do. So, to do CrossFit you need to stay fit. When you see that smoking is coming in your way, you will quit smoking. 

We should be more cautious about our health. Smoking is a bad habit and can lead to life-threatening diseases. So, if you feel that you are addicted to smoking start doing CrossFit. You might come out of the addiction and get back to normal life.