CrossFit exercise can go on for a long time and though you might be in full swing initially, you may be dragging later on. So, you need to know how to maintain the right pacing. Here are some ways you can become better at CrossFit pacing.

Avoid panic breathing
You must avoid panic breathing. You should breathe only when you need to breathe. So, you need to have control of your breathing. You should listen to your body and once you get the signal stop before it becomes necessary to stop. They compose themselves and get going. You can note usually when you get completely out of breathing and next time you do CrossFit stop before getting into that stage of breathlessness.

Heart rate
When the heart rate increases we find it difficult to continue the exercise. For the beginners it’s 140bpm and for the experienced ones, it’s 155bpm. At these stages, your body is producing more waste than it can flush out. You should take a moment during exercise and check your pulse for 6 seconds. If the pulse is less than the range mentioned then you can speed up, else you need to slow down.

The 40% rule
As a rule of thumb, you should never do more than 40% of your maximum capacity in one burst. For example, if you need to do 10 pull-ups, don’t do more than four pull-ups in one go. If there are more pull-ups then do it in multiple sets. You must be a rest period of about 30 seconds in between the sets.

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Total volume
You always have to remember that you are not just doing one round, but several rounds. So, you shouldn’t start fast so that later on you get out of breath or tired and fail to complete your exercise. The right pacing will be to stay consistent throughout the workout.

Define rest period
The rest period that CrossFitters need varies from person to person. So, check how many seconds you need to take a rest before you can carry on. From your next exercise, count the seconds and take a rest. Some people may need 10 seconds while others may need 20 seconds. Once you know your rest period, you will be able to pace your workout properly.

Pacing is very important in CrossFit as it will help you to complete your workouts successfully. You can maximize your training by maintaining the right pace.