CrossFit is a great workout and to ensure that you get the best results from it, you need to have the right gear. Whether you are going to the gym or doing it at home, you must have these gears. Here are some gears that you need to have for CrossFit.

Wrist Wraps
If you have weak writs then you need to wear wrist wraps. These are non-elastic and will make push-ups and other exercises comfortable. You can simply put it inside your gym bag. 

Knee Sleeves
Knee-sleeves are also non-elastic. These are stretchy and can easily slide under or over your pants. These are helpful when doing squats. The compression that these knee sleeves provide gives extra support and you can squat heavily without any knee pain. 

Olympic lifting shoes
You need a good pair of lifting shoes for CrossFit. These shoes have a wooden heel and Velcro strips on the top. By wearing these shoes you can do squat and then box jump without the need to change your shoes. If you lack ankle flexibility then these shoes are very helpful. 

Athletic tape
When doing pull-ups many people hurt their hands. This can hurt and hamper your future workout routine. Also, it takes a long time to recover from your injury. When you use athletic tape your hands will get stronger. The tape is easy to put inside your gym bag. 

Chalk can help you to hold onto the bar. This is useful for people with a weak grip. By putting on chalk you can easily hold on to the bar. It lowers the risk of slipping as well. You can buy a chalk block or liquid chalk. The chalk can help to get the moisture out of your hand and help you to better hold on to it. 

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Speed rope
Speed ropes not only help you to do the normal jumps but also the double-under. They can spin fast with minimum force. Even if you miss a jump, it doesn’t matter. 

Weight belt
For exercises like back squat and deadlift, a weight belt can be very helpful. You must tighten your core before the lift and a weight belt can support you in the movement. It helps to keep your core tight. 

These gears are extremely helpful for doing CrossFit. So, whenever you go to the gym you must carry these so that you can perform at your best.