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Weight Loss & Toning

The idea that it’s just a simple case of calories in and calories out doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.  People who support this notion often find themselves riding the elliptical and “dreadmill” for longer and longer sessions. In addition they eat fewer and fewer calories.  Some people become so frustrated they try liquid diets.  Progress on programs like this can be rapid but our bodies are adaptable and results are most often short lived and unsustainable.

At CrossFit Uprising the level of intensity we train at, your bodies metabolism will elevate and will stay elevated long after you leave the gym. We do not force any eating habits on any of our members but for the members that are interested we educate them in healthy, sustainable eating habits not diets.  We believe in real food and plenty of it. If you want to lose weight and keep the weight off our program can help get you there and keep you there.

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