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Steve Nicks


Steve Nicks



Favorite WOD and why? 

I think my favorite WOD is Murph.  I remember doing Murph for the first time thinking “there is no way I can even finish this”.  When I was done (over an hour later) I remember thinking that I wanted to do it again.  Every year since then it’s is one of the WODs that I look forward to.  The other part about it that I enjoy is that it’s one of the WODs that almost everybody in the gym does and it’s a big social event on Memorial Day.  We compete against each other, against ourselves, and encourage each other along the way.

Least Favorite WOD and why? 

I don’t think I have one in particular that I don’t like more than any other.  My least favorite movement is overhead squats, so I think any time they show up in a WOD it takes a lot of self talk to get myself motivated.  I’ve been saying for a long time now that overhead squats are my “VETO”.

Time CrossFitting?

I started CrossFit at Uprising in January of 2012.  My wife and I saw a CrossFit competition on television in late 2011 and for Christmas she bought me a month’s membership to Uprising.  We started in January and have enjoyed it ever since.

 What does CrossFit mean to you?

There is more to CrossFit that just the workout for me.  Of course, I enjoy pushing my limits, getting stronger, competing with the rest of the members and doing things that I didn’t think were possible, but I also enjoy being around like minded people who challenge me every day.  I have never been great at nutrition.  I’ve been blessed with a metabolism that has overcome all of the fast food and candy and ice cream that I enjoy so much.  As I’ve gotten older, my bulletproof metabolism isn’t quite as capable of overcoming all these things.  So being around people that push me to get better at eating the right things for my body and level of activity is extremely rewarding.

I enjoy going to the gym with my wife and spending time together.  I also find it extremely rewarding to show our daughters that being active and fit is a lifestyle and that being strong is not just for “the boys”.  They see first hand their mother and the other strong women at Uprising who push themselves consistently every day to do things that most people would never even attempt.

Lastly, I was really excited to get out of the big impersonal LA Fitness-type gyms.  I like that CrossFit is done in a “garage” where you might get a little dirty and it might be hot, but at the end of the day you feel like you’ve really accomplished something.  It’s competitive, yet supportive at the same time.  I might get beat during a workout by the guy (or girl) next to me, but they will be the first to give me a high five when I’m done.  The camaraderie and community is hard to explain, but once you’ve been through the depths of a 30 minute workout on a July afternoon you’ll see how bonding that can be.

Fitness/Athletic background?

I played sports growing up, mostly baseball, but didn’t play anything beyond high school.  I began sporadically going to LA Fitness but never could be consistent about it and never saw any change in my body.  I am naturally a thin person, so putting on weight was a challenge for me.  In 2008 I weighed about 165 pounds, and at 6’2″ tall I was just too skinny.  I could run for miles, but wanted to be a little more balanced in my physical abilities.  Since starting CrossFit in 2012 I’ve gained about 25 pounds (mostly muscle), and feel that I have a much better balance between cardio capacity and strength.

Workout Music of choice?

My music choice depends on the day and my mood, but if I had to pick one it would be the Underground Hip Hop Pandora station.