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Melissa Young


Melissa Young



Favorite WOD and why?

I have 2 favorite WOD’s. Annie is one of my favorite workouts because I struggled with DU’s for such a long time and once I finally got them, they became one of my favorite exercises to do!

My other favorite WOD is HARPER. Being part of the CFU family while Brad was a member and knowing the sacrifice he gave makes suffering through those 23 minutes rewarding and a little less painful.

Least Favorite WOD and why?

My least favorite WOD is Kalsu. It was one of my first Crossfit workouts and I remember thinking “what did I get myself into!” It kept me coming back though!

Time CrossFitting?

I started Crossfit in 2012

What does CrossFit mean to you?

Crossfit means to me commitment, intensity, and community. It’s a place where you are always pushed to do the things you didn’t think you were capable of doing. A place where you can be competitive and challenged no matter what your skill level is. Crossfit truly is a community, one that you won’t find at a regular gym. We sweat together, encourage each other, and challenge each other. Some of the closest friendships I have are because of Crossfit!

Fitness/Athletic background?

I played D2 college Softball at Molloy College in New York

Workout Music of choice?

Taylor Swift! Who doesn’t love lifting some heavy weights around while Shake it Off is blasting over the speakers!