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Delane Grainger


Delane Grainger



Favorite WOD and why?

Diane, Isabel or Annie!  I love handstand pushups, double unders, and snatches!

Least Favorite WOD and why?

Fran…thrusters! Yuck! Not a huge fan of Elizabeth either!

Time CrossFitting?
I started Crossfitting while pregnant with our second child. This was back in 2011! Back in college we had a trainer that did “crossfit like” workouts, they were intense, quick and to the point!

What does CrossFit mean to you?

Crossfit to me is about the family and the community!  I am not a competitive crossfitter!  I am aware of my life and my place within it!  I am a mom, a wife, teacher and someone who likes to put on her clothes without cringing.  I like to be fit, but not preparing for the games.  It took me some years to realize and prioritize this, but I love that crossfit allows me to have fun, push myself and be with fun people that have the same goals. It also allows me to de-stress!

Fitness/Athletic background?

I played softball at Phoenix College for 2 years then continued onto play D1 collegiate softball at Coastal Carolina University. GO CHANTS!

Workout Music of choice?

No rap or heavy metal!  I prefer 80s music!!  Fun and upbeat!