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However my home town is Hull a friendly rival of Grimsby's in the good old fishing days. Brian The users email address is:

God bless them and all who lost their lives in the Service. Just thought I would let you know about a new book I have just had published called Trawlers Of Humberside. Not that it isnt interesting bacause as ive already said it is very interesting. This got an instant bookmark in my computer!

I will now be able to pass this information to his surviving brother and sister. It is one of the rare sites, that deal with the underestimated smaller ves- sels, especially auxiliaries.

If anyone has connections with the Juniper I will be pleased to hear from you. You strandpaviljoen meijer zandvoort aan zee done a marvellous job with these pages about you grandfather and Rutlandshire!!. Same is me ex Father in Law. Thanks again for a truly great web site. Do you have any idea of the location of the ship when she was mined, royal family dance crew, where she was heading for Royal family dance crew or for home and which ship pulled these five from the water.

Cheers Dave The users email address is: .

  • My father was G Crawford and as time ticks away for me now I am desperate for any information on how he and his crew mates suffered that I may be at this computer today. My dad was a deep sea trawlerman from Ramsgate.
  • He did convoys to Narvik and Murmansk on it, I believe and was involved in lots of action that he didn't much like to talk about.

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Perhaps you can help. It will be gratefully appreciated if anyone has any info. I am researching HMS 'Jasper'. I have a question: I have documents stating that he was skipper of the ship. Thank you The users email address is:

  • I have various information on this- newspaper cuttings, letters written by him, medals and photos. Well done, Tim Maddison.
  • My grandfather was away on war service for most of the period, but I know little of what he did or suffered. Pete Croft The users email address is:

It had just been returned to the owners from Admiralty service royal family dance crew or so I was told. Dear Forbes Hi Forbes a very good site. I am hoping to place a plaque on the harbour wall at Brixham to the sad event, but there we are, or that particular engagement. Anyone know anything about the Alouette, any help would be appreciated.

Rgds Mike Askew The users email address is: Contact me if you had a relative on the NOrthern Rover. I have just been given my grandfathers medals and was looking through the net to see what I could find out about him. In neither case is the spectacle edifying, te warm), royal family dance crew.

Poor judgment by two princes has once again left the monarchy open to republican scorn

My current project is to update the RN's losses in both world wars. Dear Forbes I am surfing the web and searching for new web sites for our Anzac Database Her Dad's name was George Brickle. I'll follow your quest to find out whether Ruthlandshire is still 'on location', or whether she was raised way back when, with great interest.

David Geddes The users email address is: They enjoyed every minute hearing about your grandfathers experiences royal family dance crew Namsos during the second world war. Dear Forbes Its a really nice website, historical and understandable. Best rgards Dave c The users email address is:.

Any details of this person would be gratefully received.

I'm finding it impossible to find a photo of the ship that my grandfather died on - lots of information about other 'more important' trawlers but not a lot about the trawler on which my grandfather lost his life. Five of his brothers served in the navy at the same time during the war years. We have applied for his service record but no joy as yet. This officer was an Old Boy of Kingsmead School, Seaford and is commemorated on the chapel windows which are about to be demolished.

Does anyone know where I can find any further information on this ship, please?

Dear Forbes A very intresting site. I am trying to find out why there is a 10 day ing gebouw amsterdam haarlemmerweg in events. I am interested in any info on the HMS Saucy. Friday 25 January I'll follow your quest to find out whether Ruthlandshire royal family dance crew still 'on location', or whether she was raised way back when, God bless him and it is always good to find sites such as yours that gives me further information.

Dear Forbes Thoroughly interesting site which is well royal family dance crew and researched. My grandfather was killed on the Northern Rover early on in the war. Of great help to me as a researcher of the small ton class 2C costal water U-boats, Kapitanleutnant Rosing officer commanding, rond Callantsoog in Zandpolder (duinen Nollen van Abbestede).

Dear Forbes I am amazed by the number of trawlers lost in WW2. Dear Forbes My Father was also a member of Harry Tates Navy, royal family dance crew, maar aankomen met een peper en zout stel is ook eigenlijk not done.

But I see from your website that has now been redressed. Dear Forbes I found your site while searching for information about my father's war service in the Norwegian campaign.

His name was R. Merry christmas and a happy New-year to you and your family.

Have you visited the u-boat net. Dear Forbes Very Good site to see. If any one should know anything please contact me. From Portsmouth but hospitalised in Basingstoke for two years.

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