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Why is CFU Different?

CrossFit Uprising is not like any other gym in the valley. Yes we are a CrossFit gym but without the intimidation and without the crazy. We are a group of people that just want to be in better shape. We have athletes ranging from 12 years old to 65 years old. These athletes include high schoolers (swim, track, baseball, football) teachers, nurses, officers, business men and women and even include a few collegiate athletes all seeking the same thing…a better lifestyle.  They are trying to better themselves by being in better shape, becoming healthier, improving a skill or to just simply have fun while working out.  We are a community of people that enjoy laughing though our pain, helping one another grow in confidence and of course we simply enjoy each others company.  We are everyday people that have full time lives and CrossFitting is just a part of it, not all of it!  If you are a competitive CrossFitter than CFU is probably not the right fit for you.  However, if you want to learn new skills, succeed in ways you never thought previously were possible then this is a community for you.  We feel blessed to have one another and share in the opportunity to share CrossFit, its benefits and life changing experiences.  

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